February 1, 2010

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六本木SuperDeluxe企画ライブ『Flying Garden vol.3』紹介文より

TSUKINOUM is the instrumental rock band born in 2002. A genre is classified into Alternative rock, jazz-rock, progressive rock, an art rock, a psychedelic rock, the avant-garde, etc. TSUKINOUMI was formed by the persons gathering in the jazz club of a university. The music to perform has much instrumental. Vocal interchanges by music. Members are Takao Yamamoto (a base, guitar), Masahide Ando (a guitar, base), Kaoru Tagawa (percussion), Susumu Takahashi (drums), and Yamao Wakita (sax), and Aiko Kaneshiro ( voice). Music develops in the phrase repeated and fluctuation of a rhythm gradually freely, and serves as a big flow.Session and improvisation are seriously considered. As the guitar of Ando is Frank Zappa and the base of Yamamoto is CAN, the sax of Wakita seems to be Coltrane of the second half.The drum of Takahashi is sharp, and it does not have stagnation so that it may flow.The percussion of Tagawa shows a combination with a drum just like a twin drum. The appearance which music has Japanese lyricism and is performed by the full power of a climax gives impression to those who see. It cannot but stop dancing in groovy tune. It is the band with which a performance with the large sound which used big equipments in an open big place like a field stage matches well. CD made until now is three titles.The live recording released from "POSEIDON Records" is 1 title. The album of independence work is 3 titles. The first album was already sold out. The second album is the quality of loud sound by the first studio recording, and a jacket design and its package are also gorgeous. It is published by "cookie scene" vol.37, vol.51, "Euro Rock press" vol.21 which are a Japanese music magazine, and evaluation of a second album is high. Activity of TSUKINOUMI does not remain only in music, but is developing the performance combined with various things, such as an image and an art.

fourth album "yorunoniji" new!!

3rdアルバムthird album "Three blinking seconds"

2ndアルバムsecond album "Inlet of a lunar world travel"

Liveアルバムlive recording album "Sivle Redyc Chowder"

1stアルバムfirst album "TsukiNoUmi" sold out

Next Live

Coming soon...

fourth album

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月の海 / つきのうみ / Tsuki no Umi

安藤誠英 Masahide Ando :
Guitar, Chorus

兼城愛子 Aiko Kanesiro :
Vocal, Uklele

高橋 進 Susumu Takasi :

田川 薫 Kaoru Tagawa :
Percussion, Pianica, Handbell,
Uklele, Toys

山本鷹生 Takao Yamamoto :
Bass, Reading

脇田山生 Yamao Wakita :